Job opportunity for Process Engineer/Process Coordinator


Considering a career at Induss? Induss is on the look out for a worldwide Process Engineer/Process Coordinator to join our rapidly expanding company.

This is a varied and challenging role that will require your confident and enthusiastic approach to drive our water management business forward.

The dangers of blue-green algae in surface water


What are blue-green algae?

Blue-green algae, technically known as cyanobacteria, are microscopic organisms that are naturally present in surface water.

How blooms are caused

Species of blue-green algae may dominate and increase excessively in water when the:

  • nutrient levels, particularly phosphorus and nitrogen are sufficient to support the population growth

  • water is still and turbulence is low (lack of mixing)

  • weather patterns are stable for a long time

Induss breaks records ! Distribution grid for demineralised water into operation.


On April 1st  Induss successfully put her underground distribution grid for the demin water production plant Induss I into commercial operation. The total production capacity has been designed at 2000 cubic meters per hour of demineralised water for our industrial customers within the vicinity of the (petro) chemical cluster in the Port of Antwerp.

Induss supplies Total (port Antwerp) with demineralised water

ATV - weg van water

Episode: 27 august 2010
Induss supplies Total Raffinaderij with demineralised water in the port of Antwerp.

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Induss the newest member of Ghent Bio-Energy Valley


Why we joined?

Ghent Bio-Energy Valley

  • is a leading European initiative for the development of the biobased economy of the future.

  • is a non-profit organisation supporting the development of sustainable bio-energy activities and resulting economic growth in the region of Ghent, Belgium.

Happy 2011!



Your Induss team, Tom Vanlerberghe, Pascale Van den Bosch, Ellen Theeuwes and Bert Leemans







The collaboration with Induss enables us to reduce our carbon footprint. Transparency in our partnership is also the key for better cost control of water and steam.
Johan Rousseau
plant manager, Eastmann
We sustainably reduced our demin water cost
Thanks to Induss’ full examination and mapping of my various water needs, I now receive guaranteed quality and secured delivery of industrial water for my production line and that at a fixed price for a full contract length.
Bart Vervenne
Plant Manager, Alco Bio Fuel