Nieuwe demintank geplaatst in Oostende


Tank-schip aangekomen (Proviron Gazette - editie zomer 2013)

Het blijft bijzonder, zo'n dobberende tank die vanop het water zeer precies op haar plaats wordt gezet. De demintank, want daarover gaat het, had Induss laten aanrukken vanuit diep Nederland. Op een drijvend ponton had ze een hele reis achter de rug die op 23 maart 2013 zou eindigen op de site van Proviron in Oostende.

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Today is our 3rd birthday!


Earlier in 2010 (18th June), Induss was established – with a vision to serve its clients by providing the best solutions suited to their water needs. So far the journey has been incredible. We have grown wiser and more strategic than ever and are equipped to take the challenges of the water business head on!

Investing in Zhytomyr water business


April 4, 2013,
Induss meets with the deputy head - the head of the State Administration Oleksandr Nykytyu, the Deputy Mayor Mykola Borovets, City Council Member, Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on Housing Gennady Zabrodska, heads of departments and utility companies in Zhytomyr. 

A prerequisite for this meeting was the visit of the Zhytomyr Oblast led by Deputy Chairman - Chief of Staff Alexander Nykytyuk administration to Germany and Belgium, last year.

INDUSS presents its ideas and experience in water supply to Members of the City Executive Committee of the Mykolaiv region


Meeting the challenge

On the 2nd of April, Induss brought together heads of housing departments and utilities of cities and regions of the Mykolaiv region. The meeting was organized by the president of the regional Chamber of Commerce Igor Katvalyuk and the President of the Belgian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce Olga Bukavyn.

Induss associate member of ECSPP




ECSPP stands for European Chemical Site Promotion Platform, a non‑profit Association launched in 2005 to represent chemical parks and sites in Europe. Its primary remit is to raise awareness about Europe as an attractive location for future chemical investments.

Europe covers about one third of the total chemical market and provides a stable climate for investments and moreover offers plug and play facilities in integrated chemical clusters

Induss corporate video

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Happy 2nd Birthday, Induss


Since the last celebration we've:

  • launched a running water factory Induss I

  • we extended the Induss II cluster with a new customer, Air Products

  • and we deliver steam, Induss III

Here's to another year!

ITM Industrie Awards 2012


Induss, genomineerd in de categorie Best Practice in Progress

In 2004 startte het tijdschrift Industrie Technisch & Management voor de eerste maal de Industrie Awards op. Zij promoten jaarlijks het Belgische industrieel kunnen.

The collaboration with Induss enables us to reduce our carbon footprint. Transparency in our partnership is also the key for better cost control of water and steam.
Johan Rousseau
plant manager, Eastmann
We sustainably reduced our demin water cost
Thanks to Induss’ full examination and mapping of my various water needs, I now receive guaranteed quality and secured delivery of industrial water for my production line and that at a fixed price for a full contract length.
Bart Vervenne
Plant Manager, Alco Bio Fuel