supplier ethical code

Induss has the objective to operate globally, while seeking to uphold our Social, Ethical and Environmental Principles, and we require our suppliers to act in a similar way. This Supplier ethical code applies to all Induss’ suppliers . The supplier ethical code is an enforced part of any agreement or contract between Induss and its suppliers.

The objectives of the code are:

1. Our Social Principles

We support the protection and preservation of the universal declaration of human rights and the fundamental principles of the International Labour Organization

1.1. Health & Safety
provide a safe and healthy workspace in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

1.2. Compensation and working hours
The Supplier must ensure that its employees work in compliance with all applicable laws and mandatory industry standards pertaining to the number of hours and days worked.

1.3. Freedom of association and collective bargaining
Respect the rights of employees to associate, organize and bargain collectively in a lawful and peaceful manner, without penalty or interference.

1.4. Non-discrimination
The Supplier shall not discriminate in hiring and employment practices on the grounds of criteria such as of race, colour, religion, sex, age, physical ability, national origin, or sexual orientation.

1.5. No child labour
Suppliers will ensure that their hiring practices are in compliance with International Labor Organization (ILO) Conventions for minimum age (Convention 138) and child labor (Convention 182).

1.6. Freely Chosen Employment
Suppliers shall not use forced labor. This is defined as any type of work or service demanded from an individual under the threat of any sort of punishment and which the individual has not undertaken voluntarily.

2. Our Ethical Principles

2.1. Fair business
All Suppliers must comply with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements and shall compete fairly in the market place.

2.2. Disclosure of information
Suppliers with access to confidential information such as financial, commercial or business data must not disclose such information to other parties.

2.3. Conflicts of Interest
Suppliers are expected to act in the best interests of Induss and to avoid conflict of interest that would interfere with their responsibilities to Induss.

2.4. No Improper Advantage; Gifts
Gifts and benefits offered as a subtle form of influence – to create a favorable impression or to gain preferential treatment are prohibited.

3. Our environmental Principles

3.1. The Supplier must operate with care for the environment and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations

3.2. Induss seeks suppliers who go beyond legal compliance and consistently look for new and better ways to conserve resources, reduce pollution and waste.

3.3. Environmental considerations are an integral part of Induss business practices. Supplier shall commit to reducing the environmental impact of its manufacturing process.

4. Communications

4.1. Suppliers are expected to comply with all of the above mentioned requirements.

4.2. Suppliers must make the Induss’ supplier ethical code and other relevant information available to their employees.

5. Monitoring and Compliance

5.1. Induss’ Suppliers are expected to take necessary corrective actions to promptly remedy any identified noncompliance.

5.2. Induss reserves the right to terminate its business relationship with any supplier who is unwilling or unable to comply with this code.

Induss’ suppliers shall sign the Induss’ supplier ethical code charter.


The collaboration with Induss enables us to reduce our carbon footprint. Transparency in our partnership is also the key for better cost control of water and steam.
Johan Rousseau
plant manager, Eastmann
We sustainably reduced our demin water cost
Thanks to Induss’ full examination and mapping of my various water needs, I now receive guaranteed quality and secured delivery of industrial water for my production line and that at a fixed price for a full contract length.
Bart Vervenne
Plant Manager, Alco Bio Fuel