A broader view

At Induss, we claim to make industrial water management more sustainable, effective and cost-efficient than ever.

In its essence, our business revolves around water and its role in industrial environments. Induss matches the appropriate technology with the right water type to realise our customer’s specific application challenges.

But Induss has a broader view of the water business. We offer know-how and experience in related fields such as energy management, environmental compliance and infrastructure maintenance. If you feel you can add value to and derive value from activities like these, we should get together and talk.

The right people joining forces

We tell our customers that technology is a must, but that truly sustainable solutions are created by the right people joining forces. That’s also our message to you as a potential partner. Induss experts are flexible, creative and to the point. If that’s the kind of people you feel comfortable around, we may have a future together.

Partners for the long run

Induss is not listed on the stock market. We have an intelligent and dynamic shareholding structure in place, and we prefer to make long-term investments rather than react to short-term stock fluctuations.

Partnering with Induss is not a one-shot venture but a long-term commitment. We promise our customers benefits in the short and the long term, and we expect our partners to share that philosophy.

Joining forces with Induss is an opportunity for you to grow along with us, to realise ambitions beyond tomorrow as a preferred partner. Induss always puts long-term reliability before short-term gain.

Flanders and the world

Geographically, Induss is firmly rooted in Flanders but definitely has its eye fixed on Europe and the world. If global expansion is part of your business plan as well, then partnering up with Induss makes perfect business sense.

Are you ready for a partner like Induss?

Ready for a win-win partnership? Do you have ideas, concepts, procedures you would like to realise in the field together with Induss? Get in touch and let’s explore the opportunities.

We are ready for you. Are you ready for Induss, partner?

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The collaboration with Induss enables us to reduce our carbon footprint. Transparency in our partnership is also the key for better cost control of water and steam.
Johan Rousseau
plant manager, Eastmann
We sustainably reduced our demin water cost
Thanks to Induss’ full examination and mapping of my various water needs, I now receive guaranteed quality and secured delivery of industrial water for my production line and that at a fixed price for a full contract length.
Bart Vervenne
Plant Manager, Alco Bio Fuel