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Induss again obtains environmental charter (East Flanders)
Door duurzame keuzes te maken en duurzame acties te ondernemen, draagt Induss bij aan het behalen van de SDGs. Lees hier meer:
This week, we are taking time out to acknowledge a significant accomplishment – 731 days or two years without an accident! Our VCA** certification helped us along the way (especially as our operations grow in size), we implemented rules, procedures and work processes.
World Water Day is marked on 22 March every year. It’s a day to celebrate, reflect, and make a difference to water management in the world. In 2016, the theme for World Water Day is 'Water and Jobs'. Therefore a special thanks to our water professionals at Induss.
Opruimactie galgeschoor 12 maart 2016 - Port of Antwerp
Gezocht nieuwe collega - technisch medewerker om ons team te versterken
We have always been proud of the excellent level of service we offer our clients. Now with the awards of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 this has been confirmed by outside experts who are used to judging service of a daily basis in a wide variety of trades and industries.
holiday greetings company
Induss can proudly announce its preparation of a new industrial water production site. At EOC Evergem, up to 50 m³/h of water will be treated to 3 water qualities: process water, softened water and demineralised water, based on sand filtration, softening and reverse osmosis.
Na de uitbreiding van het demiwaternet van Induss I, werd in augustus ook het startschot gegeven voor de uitbreiding in de productiehal zelf. Op 13 augustus werden 3 nieuwe tanks geleverd voor de ionenuitwisselingsharsen. Deze tanks zijn stalen kanjers van 7.3 m hoog, 3.9 m doormeter en 23 ton per stuk. Met deze dimensies konden deze niet zomaar door de poort worden binnengereden, maar werden deze met een grote mobiele kraan door het dak van de productiehal binnengebracht, via speciaal daarvoor voorziene gaten in het dak. Dat leverde alvast enkele spectaculaire beelden op.
On wednesday, June 17, 2015 Induss II again received the “Milieucharter” (environmental charter) and this for the second consecutive time now. In this way, it was once more praised by Voka – Chamber of Commerce East Flanders and the Province of East Flanders for the numerous environmental initiatives it took in 2014.
t the end of May, Induss was pleased to host a visit of TNAV. They came to take a look at the pilot installation at Induss II for the filtration of the UF-treated surface water. The purpose of this research: to implement cation ion exchange as a pretreatment for reverse osmosis (RO) systems.
Induss I breidt haar deminwater leiding uit naar het Zuiden. Deze werken passen in het kader van de aangekondigde capaciteitsuitbreiding.
Congratulations to our team’s member Bart De Gusseme for accepting a professor position at the Ghent University! Bart will join the LabMET faculty staff. He will combine his Induss/Farys career with teaching and applied research, aiming at a beneficial synergy between academia and industry by bringing together the complementary challenges of each world.
Our story illustrated in less than 2 minutes
Our goal for 2015, to get certified on ISO 9001; ISO 14000 and VCA** We want to standardize our efforts into an international recognized management systems.
Cheers to the New Year! Season's greetings from the very merry team at Induss.
Induss continues to develop its cluster success
De waterbevoorrading van Induss I blijft verzekerd. Als de stroom uitvalt, haalt de installatie de energie tijdelijk uit dieselgeneratoren (noodstroomaggregaten). Belangrijke onderdelen blijven daardoor gewoon functioneren, zoals de netpompen, de zuivering, de computers en de procesmetingen.
As part of its long-term vision, the tar processing company Rütgers in Zelzate (Belgium) is increasing its production of phthalic anhydride by fifty percent this year. More production more need of process water
4th anniversary Induss
Because of the rapid expansion Rütgers needed to upgrade their existing demi water installation to handle higher production needs. Induss’s solution: a DBFO project, it allows a faster and more cost-efficient project delivery. An attractive package of design, build, finance and operation.
During the first phase of the conservation process the wood will be desalinated because of the large amount of inorganic material (iron, calcium and sulphur) detected in the wood cells. These ions could cause complications for the stability of the wood during the exposition of the ship. 21 containers filled with demineralized water , from Induss’s bulk water load station in Antwerp, mixed with a small amount of di-ethylene penta-acetic acid (DTPA) and hydrochloric acid (HCl) will be used to diffuse ions out of the wood.
This short video offers a behind the scenes look at the making of Induss IV, the on-site water treatment plant in Ostend for Proviron, a chemical company.
Earlier in 2010 (18th June), Induss was established – with a vision to serve its clients by providing the best solutions suited to their water needs. So far the journey has been incredible. We have grown wiser and more strategic than ever and are equipped to take the challenges of the water business head on!
On June 12th, Induss achieved the CSR (corporate social responsibility) charter - an initiative of Voka (Chamber of Commerce) and the Province of Antwerp - for the cycle 2013-2013.
The environmental charter is an initiative of VOKA (Chamber of Commerce East Flanders) to encourage companies to an active environmental policy that goes beyond what the legislator wishes to receive. By the granting of this award Induss II, industrial water treatment plant, is rewarded for its environmental efforts. Securing the environment is not only important for Induss’s stakeholders, after all, but for everyone.
On the 21th of April a ship left the North of The Netherlands for a 2 day sea journey with a special cargo. A 50 ton weighing stainless steel demin tank 14m high with a diameter of 14 m. Destination Induss IV at the site Proviron Ostend.
Induss meets with the deputy head - the head of the State Administration Oleksandr Nykytyu, the Deputy Mayor Mykola Borovets, City Council Member, Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on Housing Gennady Zabrodska, heads of departments and utility companies in Zhytomyr.
On the 2nd of April, Induss brought together heads of housing departments and utilities of cities and regions of the Mykolaiv region. The meeting was organized by the president of the regional Chamber of Commerce Igor Katvalyuk and the President of the Belgian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce Olga Bukavyn.
Induss associate member of ECSPP
Prettige Feestdagen!
In order to make demin water more conveniently available to customers with water-hauling trucks, a Bulk Water Load Station has been established to meet this demand.
Which industrial activity can you find in the port? Find out in a fun way at the brand new, multimedia expo in the Port Centre Lillo!
INNOVATION: INDUSS CO-FINANCES 'BLUE CIRCLE', A RESEARCH PROJECT GOVERNED BY IWT. The Blue Circle is focused on a more energy efficient and a higher percentage of water re-use in the industry, including a more sustainable use of minerals and chemicals.
Since the last celebration we've: launched a running water factory Induss I we extended the Induss II cluster with a new customer, Air Products and we deliver steam, Induss III Here's to another year!
Induss II Milieucharterdeelnemer 2012 Milieucharter Oost-Vlaanderen geeft de bedrijven de mogelijkheid om op maat van hun onderneming aan milieuzorg te werken. Bovendien gaat het vaak om goede investeringen: energiebesparing, afvalreductie, waterbesparing... Induss II Teilnehmer Umweltzertifikat 2012 (eine Initiative der Handelskammer Ost-Flandern in Zusammenarbeit mit der Provinz Ost-Flandern) Induss II environment charter 2012 participant The Environment charter is organized by the Chamber of Commerce Voka East Flanders and the regional authorities of East-Flanders Induss II participe à la Charte environnementale 2012 La remise de la Charte environnementale est organisée par la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de la Flandre Orientale et la Province de Flandre Orientale
The 'CSR (corporate social responsibility) charter', an initiative by Voka (Chamber of Commerce) and the Province of Antwerp with the industrial water treatment plan Induss I. Only those companies that go beyond the statutory obligations for improving their impact on people , planet and prosperity are eligible for this recognition. And for the Environment Charter 2012, an initiative by Voka (Chamber of Commerce) and the Province of East-Flanders with the industrial water treatment plant Induss II.
On 25 January 2012, H.E. Mr. Ihor DOLHOV, Ambassador of Ukraine to the Kingdom of Belgium, and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Head of the Mission of Ukraine to NATO & Mrs. Olga BUKAVYN, President of Belgian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce paid a working visit to INDUSS, one of BUCC members. The commercial team of Induss received the Ukraine delegation and gave a tour of the facility Induss I.
Holiday wishes from your Induss team
A group of students of UGent visited the Water Treatment Plant, Induss II, to gain an in-depth look in water purification technologies to produce process water, especially the different grades of water quality based on several water quality parameters.
Antwerp, September 22nd 2011 • Induss I, the largest plant in the country for the production of purified water and its distribution network, was officially put into operation by the Flemish Minister-President Kris Peeters this morning. This plant, on which construction merely began a year ago, delivers large quantities of deionised water to chemical and petrochemical companies. The construction of the water treatment plant and the 20 km long pipeline network along the Scheldelaan that transports the deionised water to the customers was an investment that cost about 30 million Euros.
Centrale productie van stoom en demiwater water door Induss biedt voor Solutia belangrijke voordelen. Antwerpen/Gent, 12 september 2011 - De bouw van een nieuwe productielijn voor de Gentse vestiging van chemiemultinational Solutia biedt kansen om hun ecologische strategie door te voeren.
When Ghent-based intercommunity waste-disposal company Ivago saw that their current water supply contract was about to expire, it knew this was the perfect moment to critically review their demin water consumption and management. Should they continue with their current supplier or switch to a better alternative?
Induss, founded by water-link, celebrated its first year being in business.
24-25 May 2011, Chisinau and Balti, Moldova In collaboration with the Moldavian and Antwerp-Waasland Chamber of Commerce, Induss hosted workshops on water management which took place in the capital Chisinau and Balti
Considering a career at Induss? Induss is on the look out for a worldwide Process Engineer/Process Coordinator to join our rapidly expanding company.
Induss mobile demiwater supply We offer flexible, container-mounted demineralization units based on reverse osmosis technology. Delivered on site by truck.
Blue-green algae, technically known as cyanobacteria, are microscopic organisms that are naturally present in surface water.
Considering a career at Induss? Induss is on the look out for a worldwide Business Development Manager to join our rapidly expanding company. This is a varied and challenging role that will require your confident and enthusiastic approach to drive our water management business forward.
plant Induss I into commercial operation. The total production capacity has been designed at 2000 cubic meters per hour of demineralised water for our industrial customers within the vicinity of the (petro) chemical cluster in the Port of Antwerp.
Induss has moved offices. our new address: Mechelsesteenweg 66 , 2018 Antwerp
Induss the newest member of Ghent Bio-Energy Valley Ghent Bio-Energy Valley is a leading European initiative for the development of the biobased economy of the future.
We look forward to working with you in the new year!
Induss fleet
We hope you'll join us, we know why...
Induss, a new company within the umbrella organisation (itself a collaboration between AWW and TMVW), today presented itself and its plans for the future. Induss supplies water to companies for industrial applications: cooling water, demineralised (DI) water, feed water for tanks, ultra-filtrated water etc. Induss is not a water supplier as such, but approaches the market as a full service company for industrial water. On top of its on-site projects with customers throughout Flanders, Induss is about to start construction on one of Europe’s largest DI water plants with its corresponding distribution network.
Antwerp/Ghent - Two leading Flemish water companies, Antwerpse Waterwerken (AWW) and integral water company TMVW will be collaborating in a duly structural manner in the future. The two companies are setting up a new company in Water.Link and recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to this end.
The collaboration with Induss enables us to reduce our carbon footprint. Transparency in our partnership is also the key for better cost control of water and steam.
Johan Rousseau
plant manager, Eastmann
We sustainably reduced our demin water cost
Thanks to Induss’ full examination and mapping of my various water needs, I now receive guaranteed quality and secured delivery of industrial water for my production line and that at a fixed price for a full contract length.
Bart Vervenne
Plant Manager, Alco Bio Fuel