Induss, first daughter company of, announces plans for the future

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Induss, a new company within the umbrella organisation (itself a collaboration between AWW and TMVW), today presented itself and its plans for the future. Induss supplies water to companies for industrial applications: cooling water, demineralised (DI) water, feed water for tanks, ultra-filtrated water etc. Induss is not a water supplier as such, but approaches the market as a full service company for industrial water. On top of its on-site projects with customers throughout Flanders, Induss is about to start construction on one of Europe’s largest DI water plants with its corresponding distribution network.

To those companies and sectors for which water is a crucial element in the production process, Induss offers industrial water of the desired quality, including demineralised (DI) water for steam production in (petro)chemical plants, ultra-pure water for the food industry, cooling water, purified or reused wastewater. When required, Induss produces the desired water quality at the customer’s site (production, regeneration, recuperation etc.). Induss can also deal with specific wastewater issues. Induss is not committed to any specific technology, so it is free to partner up with various technology providers depending on customer requirements.

A new company?

Induss is a completely new company but by no means a newcomer. Founded by the umbrella organisation, Induss builds on the know-how and experience of its shareholders AWW and TMVW. That gives it a highly advantageous start: supply security and instant back-up within its own service areas, intervention teams on call 24/7, a team of competent engineers skilled in various disciplines, a water lab, years of product knowledge and experience with various technologies, and finally, in-depth knowledge of environmental legislation, taxes and licensing. Induss combines the flexibility and punch of a young enterprise with the experience and know-how of its employees and partners: a solid starting point for this young company to meet market challenges with alertness and determination.

When economics and ecology meet

With its products and services, Induss aims for a key role in the ecological and economic challenges of its customers, and does so in a respectful and inspiring way. In a world of rapid climate change, know-how and expertise regarding the smart (re)use of natural sources grows ever more important.

Ellen Theeuwes, CEO Induss: “Induss guarantees eco-friendly water management to large industrial companies. Induss is able to manage and optimise a company’s entire water cycle. That’s good for the environment, good for the customer’s cost control, and good for the economy. You see, in light of our expertise and our development plans, it is our intention to anchor down existing industry in our ports and elsewhere, and to facilitate new industries.”

Geographical expansion

Induss intends to expand geographically. The young enterprise wishes to create value from its know-how and expertise beyond the borders of its current service areas and indeed beyond its national borders. 

Induss I

On top of several industrial water projects throughout Flanders, Induss is about to launch a major initiative in the Antwerp port. This autumn, in the very heart of the port’s industry, the new enterprise will start the construction of a gigantic DI water plant with its corresponding distribution network, which will go by the name of Induss I (a clear suggestion of more to come). This plant-with-network – competitive on a European level – will focus on the production of demineralised (DI) water and its supply to the surrounding (petro)chemical plants. It is with cluster concepts like these that Induss contributes to anchoring down companies in the region.

Ellen Theeuwes again: “This is not just a prestigious project as well as a first for this region. Induss is also constructing this plant in an economically and ecologically viable way: with consideration for our carbon footprint, and right in the economic heart of our port’s industry. This project offers an immediate economy of scale to all companies operating in the vicinity of our water plant.”

About Induss

Induss was founded in June 2010 as a daughter firm of Induss’ mission is to meet the industry’s water management needs in a focused, sustainable and economically viable way. The smart (re)use of natural sources (especially water) is of crucial importance to our companies, our citizens and the planet. Induss offers its expertise to all companies that (continue to) meet this economic and ecological challenge.

Facts & figures

Induss nv

  • Founded 18 June 2010

    • Starting capital: 7.5 mio euro

    • Turnover: +/- 17 mio euro as of 2011

Induss I

  • Plant size: 1,750m², i.e. about 1/2 a UEFA football pitch

    • Total terrain size (plant terrain + storage tanks): 38,000 m², i.e. over 5 football pitches

    • Supply capacity: 48,000 m3/day, i.e. the contents of 20

  • olympic swimming pools each day

    • Length of the DI distribution network: 14 km

    • Investment in DI distribution network construction: 10.4 mio euro

    • Investment in DI water plant construction: 13 mio euro


Since the spring of 2010, the umbrella organisation connects the two leading Flemish water suppliers AWW (Antwerpse Waterwerken) and TMVW (Tussengemeentelijke Maatschappij der Vlaanderen voor Watervoorziening). 

Through structural collaboration, these two companies join forces to continue to offer their customers and partners the very best price-quality ratio in every respect.

The collaboration with Induss enables us to reduce our carbon footprint. Transparency in our partnership is also the key for better cost control of water and steam.
Johan Rousseau
plant manager, Eastmann
We sustainably reduced our demin water cost
Thanks to Induss’ full examination and mapping of my various water needs, I now receive guaranteed quality and secured delivery of industrial water for my production line and that at a fixed price for a full contract length.
Bart Vervenne
Plant Manager, Alco Bio Fuel