Food Industry Giant Free To Invest In New Activity (Cargill)

Cargill Opts For Full Water Management Outsourcing To Induss

 1. The Challenge: cost-effective and reliable outsourcing

Food industry multinational Cargill (Ghent, Belgium) was a long-standing customer for drinking water, from which they produced steam as part of their production process. Cargill faced a series of important investments in technology and infrastructure to start producing biodiesel and wished to free up money and resources for this ambitious project. They challenged Induss for a cost-effective and reliable outsourcing of their demiwater management activities.  

2. The Answer: full outsourcing based on full reliability

With comprehensive documentation and solid business reasoning, Induss convinced this customer that their outsourcing proposal was the most reliable, efficient and, last but not least, most cost-effective solution. Once Cargill was satisfied that demiwater was guaranteed both in terms of quality and supply security, they entrusted Induss with the full project management of the outsourcing project.  

The Cargill outsourcing project was completed in 10 months, on schedule.

3. The Benefits

Below are the main ways in which Cargill in Ghent benefits from this Induss solution:  

1.    Water management is no longer a concern, financially or operationally.

2.    With Induss carrying the investment, Cargill was and is able to invest in its core and/or new activities.

3.    Cargill’s total cost of ownership (TCO) is lower than ever.



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"Since the start up we have a fully reliable supply of demineralised water both in terms of supply and quality."
The collaboration with Induss enables us to reduce our carbon footprint. Transparency in our partnership is also the key for better cost control of water and steam.
Johan Rousseau
plant manager, Eastmann
We sustainably reduced our demin water cost
Thanks to Induss’ full examination and mapping of my various water needs, I now receive guaranteed quality and secured delivery of industrial water for my production line and that at a fixed price for a full contract length.
Bart Vervenne
Plant Manager, Alco Bio Fuel